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CDS Training and Support Services

Career Development Services aim to reach a wide audience, more especially in rural areas hence the existence of Training and Support Team.

The Training and Support are career advisers that attend events (by invitation); they share knowledge and information and give career advice at the events. They return to raise awareness internally in terms of what information the public needs.

Training and Support share information in the form of presentations and exhibition stands. When they are invited to attend events they bring with them various information packages and goodies which they share with the audience at the event. The information is always centralized around career information depending on the event attended and the audience attending the event.

Guidelines for Inviting Us to Your Career Events or Exhibitions

Information We Need From You

You can call us on: 012 312 5726 or 012 312 5720

Your invitation must be emailed to OR fax to email: 086 260 7368 specifying Attention: S.Hlongwane.

Your invitation must contain the following information:

  • Dates and times of the event
  • Venue and location
  • Target audience and number of participants expected to attend the events
  • Format of the exhibitions (will there be presentations or just stalls)
  • Theme or focus of the event
  • Organisers' details (name of organisation, contact person, telephone numbers and email address)
  • All the information requested above must be supplied

Conditions for Invitation Consideration

For your invitation to be considered it has to meet the following criteria:

  • All invitations received that do not meet the criterion above will not be considered
  • Invitations must be received within 4 weeks prior to the event date
  • Items Needed at the Event

  • We would like you to sign the report our team of advisers will give you.