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How to make the right Subject Choices

The subjects you choose before entering the Further Education and Training phase [Grade 10-12] determine, to a large extent, your future career options. It is therefore important to really think long and hard about what your long-term dreams and goals are and use them to guide you on which subjects to choose.

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How to Choose a Career

Choosing a Career is one of the most important milestones in an individual’s life.

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Study Tips

The most common barrier to success encountered by learners is a lack of effective techniques for study and exam preparation. If you are one of the vast majority of learners whose answer to the question, “How do you study for your tests?” is, “I go over my notes,” then you need to take a serious look at your study skills. Here are some suggestions to increase your effectiveness as a learner.

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Post-School Study Options

There are many post-school options in South Africa such as further study, employment, starting a business venture, volunteer work, training or a combination of these.

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