Unemployed youth

Realities faced by Unemployed Youth

Here you will find information relaying the various challenges faced by the youth. With that you will find opportunities too that solely target the youth.


This section gives descriptions of what an entrepreneur is and what entrepreneurship entails.

Furthering Your Studies

This section speaks about the various options you have available for you should you wish to further your studies.

Public Employment Programmes

This area gives you information on the various employment programmes made available by the government to the youth.


This section will inform you about ways one can get a job, keep a job and progress within that particular job should opportunities avail themselves.

Learnership, Apprenticeship & Internship Opportunities

Here you will find information on available learnership, apprenticeship and internship opportunities

Career Guidance

This section assists one navigate their career, you get information on how to approach your career from where you are and where you would like to go.

University Application Fees

This page contains a list of 2023 application fees for public South African universities.

Our Partners

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